Terms and Conditions


There are no returns and no refunds. If you are set up for a regular month autopay, you can cancel your autopay at any time. Note: you have to tell us to cancel your auto play in order for it to happen. EFT contracts can be cancelled early for a $75 fee. 


We don't want to have to say this and we hope we don't have to do it... but we reserve the right to:

  • Refuse you entry to class if you turn up more than 5 minutes late
  • Kick you out of class if you are disruptive*
  • Terminate your membership at any time if you are disruptive* after being warned. Should it come to this, we will refund you the pro-rated balance on your membership


*Determination of what constitutes being disruptive is at the discretion of the owners. Our box atmosphere will only be upheld by members and coaches who treat each other with respect, positivity, fairness, and humility.