"CFNT is a unique community where everyone works out together. Typical classes include high schoolers, fit 20-somethings, middle-aged moms and dads, and retirees. Every workout can be scaled to your ability. The spirit of support is amazing: the group cheers just as loudly for the person lifting 35 lbs. as they do for the person lifting 235 lbs." – Karen M.


“I decided to try out CrossFit North Tribe three months after my second child was born. As someone who has always maintained a regular level of fitness and activity, I was looking for a new way to challenge myself, gain strength, and see improvements in my body's shape. I have found all of those things plus a great community. The four-week on-ramp program lead by Coach Dan was a terrific experience and sets all new members up for success. I learned a ton about movement and technique. Dan is an amazing teacher and pays attention to each individual so you can feel confident that you are executing the moves correctly. Plus, he knows how to make accommodations for every level of ability, which is really helpful for beginners. While I am still a relatively new member, I've been very welcomed from more tenured members. They provide support and encouragement when I am working on new skills or moves that are challenging to me, even though they are often at a much higher level of performance. I feel motivated and determined to achieve higher levels of performance and fitness. With the encouragement of them, and the expertise of Dan, I know I can get there!  Try it out- you won't regret it!” – Carey M.


“Before joining North Tribe I did the same 30-minute exercise every time I went to the gym.  It was uninspired and not very effective.  When I agreed to join in a strenuous backpacking trip last summer, I knew I needed something more. Three months before the trek, I joined North Tribe and haven't looked back.  I've been coming for a year now, and I have never been stronger (I'm 56) in my life than I am now.   The friendly atmosphere created by Sarah and Dan and our fellow Crossfit tribe members make the workouts something to look forward to!  The varied exercises keep things interesting and fun even while sweating and pushing yourself.  Fellow members are supportive as we encourage one another to dig a little deeper, to try a little harder, to push yourself just a bit more than you think you can.   I absolutely love being a part of this community!” – Bill M.


"Even though I have only been a member at CFNT for a few months I can honestly say that it has changed my life for the better.  I feel that I am heading in the right direction regarding my body, mind and health and the people I have met are some of the nicest, positive and most inspiring people I have ever encountered." – Theresa D.


“I have been involved with CrossFit North Tribe for over a year now and it has been a very positive experience. I have to admit, I was hesitant to join at first thinking it might be too difficult, yet after finally giving it a try, I discovered that I truly enjoy the physical challenge, as well as the benefits of looking and feeling fit, in a very low-key, non-threatening environment with hands on expertise from great Coaches.  It is also very encouraging that there are people of all ages, shapes and sizes having a great time getting in shape - something to be gained for everybody.” – Scott B.


“I turned 60 and had never regularly exercised or belonged to a gym. Didn't understand why anyone would get up early and exercise before work. Decided I needed to shake up my life because I was feeling old. Tried an intro cross fit class because my daughter who was visiting knew Dan and wanted to see what he did. She went back to the city, I joined crossfit and now I'm going to class 4 mornings a week at 7am. Never felt so good. Dan is an amazing trainer and always patient with this old lady. Love the other members of my tribe. If you had told me less than a year ago I would be part of this, I wouldn't believe it.  It had really opened up a whole new world for me.” – Phyllis S.


“This past winter - I took Dan up on his offer to come and take a free Crossfit class - I was hooked.  Having not exercised in a very, very long time - I participated in his 'Fundamentals' class 4 times (each a month training) before finally graduating to the 'Primal' level... the changes in my personal life - both mentally and physically are impressive.  I've lost weight, gained muscle and feel incredibly good!  While at first intimidated by the program - the other participant's offer a camaraderie unlike anything else I've participated in - everyone feels the same way about Dan & Sarah - we're all thankful that they are here and committed to us to lead healthy, improved lives - they know how to push when needed but more importantly always offer a high level of support, encouragement and professionalism.  Whether young or old - you will definitely benefit of their experience and training.  I like to say Crossfit is a mix between 5th grade gym class and what I think Boot Camp is like.  Once experienced you will understand what I mean - there's humor and fun in Crossfit! Not just hard work.” – Nick P.